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Slow Smoked Mackerel

Say hello to Slow Smoked Mackerel—caramelized and crispy on the outside, buttery and tender on the inside. Each tin of Slow Smoked Mackerel is hand-cut, sweet cured, and slowly smoked over natural wood, then hand-packed and infused in-house with crushed chilis and garlic for a savory, rich flavor with a bite of heat. 

Rich in Protein, Vitamin-D, and Omega-3's.  Responsibly wild-caught by family-owned boats in the Northeast Atlantic during the winter months when mackerel quality is at its peak. 

Ingredients: Fish Mackerel (Fish), Olive Oil, Demerara Sugar, Salt, Crushed Chili, Garlic

Net Weight: 3.70 oz. tin (105 g.)