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Moonstruck Chocolate Bars

Made from some of the most rare and flavorful cocoa beans from throughout the world, Moonstruck's classic chocolate bars each feature a bold and unique flavor. With deep roots in Portland, OR - each bar features decadent chocolate paired with fresh flavors found in the Pacific Northwest. 

Made with ethically-sourced chocolate
3 oz.

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Chai - The everlasting moon reminds you that you are never alone, grounding you like the earth spices and nuts in this dark chocolate bar

Dark Chocolate Blueberry Passionfruit - The space between lightness and darkness is filled with the sweet and sour fruit flavors shining bright in this dreamy dark chocolate bar.

Dark Chocolate Espresso -  The answer to the universe may not be within this bar  but it does contain rich, dark chocolate and enough espresso beans to keep you up for a little more pondering.

Milk Chocolate Cinnamon -  A full moon is always worth celebrating - much like this festive combination of cinnamon, roasted almonds, and a dash of vanilla.

Milk Chocolate Salted Toffee -  Illuminate your senses with this luscious bar that sings of smooth chocolate accompanied by almonds and rich toffee.

Dark Chocolate -  Like a moonless sky, this rich chocolate captures a mesmerizing darkness. Let its deep roasted notes and curious hint of fruit light the way.

Milk Chocolate - Everything is influenced by the gravitational pull of the moon, so it's no coincidence you were drawn to this creamy milk chocolate with a light touch of vanilla.

Dark Chocolate Almond -  The moon rules the tides in our seas – and salts from those same seas add a delightful contrast to the roasted almond and vanilla sweetness inside this dark chocolate.