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Meurisse Chocolate Tablet Bar (100 g.)

An organic chocolate treat to enjoy any time.  Each tablet bar is organic/BIO, fairtrade & vegan.  Meurisse, the oldest brand of Belgian chocolate, are dedicated to crafting remarkable chocolate, single origin chocolate and carefully sourced ingredients from certified organic agriculture are used.  

100 g. tablet in plastic free packaging
Cacao origin: Papua New Guinea (73%), Made in: Belgium
Shelf life: 6–12 months
Dark Chocolate with Orange - This dark chocolate with its dangling zesty notes suggests the scents of the Mediterranean, bathing us in the shadow of a lush orange tree. 

Dark Chocolate with Puffed Quinoa & Pink Pepper - The strength of this dark chocolate with the crispiness of the puffed quinoa is celestial and tickles us with its floral peppery temper of pink pepper.

Dark Chocolate with Roasted Cacao Nibs - An intense chocolate crunch as the crumbled cacao nibs brilliantly snap for a deliciously complex flavor with a mellow bitterness.

Milk Chocolate with Creamy Milk - This silky pleasure revisits our quintessential milk recipe with single origin chocolate and immerses us in a unique palatable tenderness.

Milk Chocolate with Roasted Hazelnuts - It is the gracious roasting of the delicately crumbled nuts mingling with the purity of the milk chocolate and gushing over their crunchy character.

Organic Dark Chocolate (73%) - The intensity of the Trinitario cacao beans cultivated alongside the majestic Sepic river reveals notes of both fresh and dried fruit. Cacao origin: Papua New Guinea (73%)

Organic Dark Chocolate with Himalayan Salt - A truly divine intervention as our powerful dark chocolate is delicately suffused with the healing energy of the Himalayan pink salt. Cacao origin: Papua New Guinea (73%)