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Freeze Dried Pet Snacks

AryaSit! an all-natural freeze-dried treat for dogs and cats is made with a single ingredient. Contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners, grains, or preservatives, you can feel confident knowing that your pet is getting a healthy, nutritious snack.


Baby Shrimp - freeze-dried baby shrimp is rich in calcium and low in fat, which supports your pet's joints, brain, and daily nutritional needs. 3.5 oz

Balanced Mix - food topper for dogs and cats is made with single ingredients: Quail Egg Yolk, Chicken Breast, and Salmon. 10 oz

Beef Liver - rich in vitamins and minerals that support your pet’s daily nutritional needs. 5.6 oz

Beef Lollipops natural dental chew beef lollipops are made with real beef tendon wrapped with real beef, beef heart, and liver. 10.5 oz

Capelin Fishrich in Omega-3 and ideal for dogs and cats with dry, flaky, itchy, or sensitive skin. 4 oz

Chicken Breast - perfect for pets with sensitive stomachs or those who are watching their weight. 4.5 oz

Duck Breastideal for pets with sensitive stomachs and weight management problems. 4.6 oz

Egg Yolkrich in lecithin, which supports a healthy and shiny coat. It's also a great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals – everything your pet needs to stay healthy and happy. 5 oz

Strawberry Yogurtpacked with probiotics to help maintain a good appetite and healthy weight. 3.5 oz