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Casamara Club Leisure Sodas

Botanical soft drinks for those in search of something special.

The original line up of non-alcoholic leisure sodas are a spritzy take on Italian amaro and apertivo drinks, as well as updated Americana classics.  These botanical soft drinks taste like a special occasion, but are never too sweet for everyday enjoyment. Playfully formulated and thoughtfully made, each leisure soda tastes like nothing you’ve had before.

AltaAlta is a take on the classic Italian aperitivo. Intense, pink citrus bite balanced with fresh, fruity spice notes. Pair with savory foods like pizza, breakfast sandwiches, and happy hour oysters. 

IslaSessionable • Gently Spiced • Uplifting Isla is the mellow ginger leisure soda, inspired by our favorite Caribbean rum & ginger cocktail. It tastes like sunshine after a storm. No over-the-top ginger intensity here, this is more delicate and pleasurable than any ginger drink you’ve ever had.

Onda -  A botanical soft drink for those in search of something lush & unconventional. Onda is an herbaceous lemon spritz for natural sparkling wine lovers that’s earthy and adventurous, with notes of candied lemon, woodsy sage, and breezy salinity.

Sera A botanical soft drink for those in search of something lightly spiced & sophisticated. Sera is a soothing grapefruit spritz, a mellow, lightly tart take on the classic Italian spritz. Notes of lavender and fruity acidity make this one perfect for settling down.

Made with real botanicals.  5g sugar, 20 calories or less, no alternative sweeteners, no "natural" flavors.  Always non-alcoholic
8 oz. can