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Freeze Dried Pet Snacks

AryaSit! an all-natural freeze-dried treat for dogs and cats is made with a single ingredient. Contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners, grains, or preservatives, you can feel confident knowing that your pet is getting a healthy, nutritious snack.

Beef Liver - rich in vitamins and minerals that support your pet’s daily nutritional needs. 

Capelin Fishrich in Omega-3 and ideal for dogs and cats with dry, flaky, itchy, or sensitive skin. 

Chicken Breast - perfect for pets with sensitive stomachs or those who are watching their weight.

Duck Breast - ideal for pets with sensitive stomachs and weight management problems.

Egg Yolkrich in lecithin, which supports a healthy and shiny coat. It's also a great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals – everything your pet needs to stay healthy and happy.

Strawberry Yogurtpacked with probiotics to help maintain a good appetite and healthy weight.

Size: 4oz