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Manhattan Whole Bean Coffee

Partners Coffee's deepest roast, the Manhattan Blend is full-bodied and rich, with dark chocolate notes, marzipan and the syrupy sweetness of molasses. A rich, deep, and flavorful omniroast. Tasting Notes: Baker’s Chocolate, Caramel, Maple Syrup. Brew Methods: Drip/Cold Brew/Espresso.

Partners Coffee is built on the strength of relationships at origin.  They source coffee from all over the world from people they know and trust.  Every coffee is crafted with passion & precision by their incredibly skilled roasting team out of their Williamsburg, Brooklyn roastery.

Producers: Luiz Pedro Pereira and Josue Morales
Elevation 1,100 - 1,900 meters
Region: Carmo de Minas, Brazil and Santa Rosa, Guatemala
Process: Dry and Wet-Processed

12 oz. / 340 g. bag
Whole beans