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Sounds Bath Salts

Aroma therapeutic bath salts to transport your body and mind. Add one 1/5 - 1/3 of salts to bath and dissolve, or mix with honey to create a luxurious scrub. Good for 3 - 5 baths.

Banya - Scents of Hinoki and Texas Cedarwood pacify tension and evoke bathhouse energy.
Ingredients: Dead Sea salt, , essential oils, cedar leaves.

Chime - Scents of yuzu, grapefruit, petitgrain, and black pepper activate positivity and leave the skin feeling luminous and fresh.
INGREDIENTS: Epsom salt, essential oils, lemon verbena

Mystic - Scents of palo santo, lavender, and vetiver mingle with butterfly pea powder and flowers to turn bathwater a rich sapphire hue.
INGREDIENTS: Pink Himalyan salt, Dead Sea salt, essential oils (palo santo, lavender, vetiver), powder, butterfly pea flowers.

Made in NY using 100% natural ingredients
6.72 oz. (190 g.) packets