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Wild Italian Strawberries in Syrup

Luscious and sweet, these strawberries are carefully picked at their peak ripeness before they are preserved in syrup and placed into a beautiful glass jar. Enjoy Fabbri Strawberries atop cakes and ice cream, in cocktails, chopped alongside brie or a rich cheddar, or just straight from the jar! Save that syrup! Stir it into cocktails, salad dressings, into club soda, or layer it into a yogurt parfait for a fabulous treat.

Fabbri is a traditional family-run company that has been creating a symphony of flavors and blessing palates of various tastes since 1905. Fabbri has quickly made a name for itself as a reliable company perfecting the craft of quality combined with people’s great passion to give shape to their creativity.

230g glass jar
Ingredients: strawberries, glucose syrup, sugar, strawberries juice (5%), water, acidifier citric acid, flavorings, coorante anthocyanins from plant extracts.
Gluten Free