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Virgin Olive Oil and Rice Milk Hand and Body Soap

Cleanse and pamper your skin without any harsh ingredients. This ultra-gentle castile artisanal soap bar is handcrafted with pure, simple botanicals. Virgin olive oil is the perfect choice for kids and adults with sensitive or dry skin, and water is included for subtle dilution. Mata’s cold process soap uses fatty olive oil to completely break down and dissolve all traces of lye during production, making it safe for all ages.

The dense olive oil soap bar releases an oil-rich, silky lather. Cleanse and pamper skin without any harsh ingredients that can cause irritation, then rinse off without any lasting residue. A sweet, subtle rice milk fragrance leaves you feeling fresh and clean.

Ingredients :  Virgin Olive Oil, Water, Fragrance, Lye

No SLS, SLES, No Alcohol, No Preservative, No Color Additive, No Citric Acid, No Chemical 
3.5 Oz (10g)