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Victor Borge Earrings

Gold Plated "Victor Borge" earrings.  Featuring an organic shaped hoop that hugs the ear.  These earrings are hand made and finished and are therefore delicate in nature.  Please allow for varieties in hue of patina which will fade over time with wear.

Care: Do not swim, bathe, or shower in your jewelry and avoid unnecessary exposure to heat and moisture.

He was always the main attraction that season in St. Croix, the pianist comedian, the comic pianist, and part time magician, if you count how he charmed. We threw huge parties that spilled from the lawn down into the sand, guests drawn inevitably towards the water. The time we set up his piano on the beach, long tables set with china and gold rimmed glasses. We sat before him like a garden in floral dresses, passing around bottles as he joked and played.