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Tisane Candle

Tatine Candles | Chicago, IL

Hand poured soy wax candle in recycled clear glassware. 16 hour burn time.


Bare Trees

notes; wood washed in white musk and cedarwood.

Laurel Canyon

notes; cannabis, wildflowers, apricots and suede.

Morning Sun

notes; citrus, velvety apricot syrup, praline wood, red grapefruit, and fresh green lime leaves with a hint of pink peppercorn and timur pepper.

St. John’s Wood

notes;  looking through the bent backed tulips. smoldering chimney smoke. dried vines + brick walls.

Flowers on the Hillside

notes; clover, dark green grasses, and oakmoss mixed with rose oil and geranium bourbon leading to a dry down of lemon oil.

Love That Burns

notes; the bitter and the sweet. lemon rose earth. give me your love in return, but please don’t leave me with a love that burns.

One Rainy Wish

notes; misty blue and white rose too. eleven moons above me and you. golden rose color of the dream I had, this timeless day, you stole my heart away.

Celebration Day

notes; a jubilant cascade of fragrant white blossoms from the bitter orange tree, brightened with evergreen.

Field of Grass

notes; the sweet, joyful, and nostalgic smell of cut grass. Top notes of summer grass under a sun shower. Notes of golden flowers, green tea, and lemon bloom at the core to create a heaven-sent memory

Wild Honey

notes; golden honeycomb dripping with citrus notes, luscious black currant, and wild herbs.