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The Apple Cider Vinegar

The apple of our eye!  The Apple Cider Vinegar (a.k.a. The ACV) is crafted using organic Gravenstein, Red Rome Beauty, Golden Delicious, and Pink Pearl apples hand-harvested from her orchard, Little Apple Treats.  Enjoy with five spice marinades, mustard-y dressings, seasonal shrubs, fire cider, and, yes, even baked goods!

Like a good wine, apple cider vinegar will age nicely. Each bottle of The ACV comes with live a vinegar mother: probiotic-rich strands of protein that signal a healthy, delicious, and high-quality vinegar.   It’s not harmful at all, but you can slow the growth by storing in the fridge. Otherwise, store your bottle in a cool dry pantry.

400ml (13.5oz) glass bottle