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Stars are Fire Candle

Tatine Candles | Chicago, IL

8 oz. soy wax candle in artisan mouth-blown smoke grey glass. Glass is re-useable and drink-safe.

60 hour burn time.

Forest Floor - notes of mushroom nuances, mists of rain soaked ferns, and the earthen smell of dark green moss covering the cool, damp dirt of the forest floor.

Woodsmoke - notes of cedar moss, fir balsam, elemi (a fragrant resin obtained from trees), smoky kindling, natural clove, + fir needle oils.

Garden Mint - notes of aromatic mint leaves and sweet spearmint accented with the scent of berries, ginger, eucalyptus, and soft jasmine petals.

Holy Basil - notes of dark green herbs mixed with wild meadow grasses, cannabis, sacred basil and drops of dark violet oil, anise, and garden mint. Rounded out with top notes of absinthe, clove buds, and green vine tomato.

Bitter Orange + Lavender - notes of tart Seville Orange oil, marmalade, and orange bitters blended with Barreme lavender.

Black Mission Fig - notes of herbaceous boozy dried fruits, sweet sunburnt red fruit, mulberry, and woody crushed fig tree leaves infused with aromatic greens.

Spirit House - notes of vetiver and proprietary mah kwan pepper with a vibrant background of citrus orange, mandarin, coriander, violets and rose hips. A backdrop of lemongrass and wild lime leaves add tang to pimento and dried chilies.

Sanctuary -Fragrant ginger, coriander and sparkling mimosa scent the air. Delicate iris petals and temple sandalwood add depth to the ritual of light.

Temple of Leaves -A combination of smoky, woody, and dry elements blended with hinoki, Japanese cypress, and sustainably harvested sandalwood. Middle notes of evergreen, musk, and patchouli with woody and camphorous elements conjure the earthy and masculine. 

Pine - Woody evergreen notes blended with balsam oil. A sweet forest aroma with both crisp and warm resinous notes. An aroma for all seasons.

Tears of Myrrh - Perfumed trees of antiquity weep bittersweet tears of precious resin. Dark tones of frankincense & myrrh are carried to the heavens on a floral crown of orange blossom and sweet freesia. Charred vetiver & altar incense rise into a soulful blend of holy smoke.

Bergamot - Crisp, sparkling citrus notes enriched with ginger, bergamot, and aromatic magnolia flower. Lime essential oils are anchored with green mossy notes and grounded by warm Indian sandalwood.

Tabac - Orange honey scented pipe tobacco drifts into rich, gourmand notes of roasted nuts, caramel, and burnt woods. Warm, sweet, and smoky with a comforting accord of vanilla.

Kashmir - a fragrant blend of ethically harvested sandalwood oil, white incense, and dry woody amber oil. gunpowder and saffron tea notes anchor creamy, soft orientalist spices. drops of exquisite magnolia flower, vanillin and musk rest in the base to create a powdery haze. Total aphrodisiac