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Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Bars

O&S Chocolate begins with stone-grinding cacao, inspired by the method used for stone ground grits, using melangeurs (stone mills) from the early 1900's. Only pure cane brown sugar is added for a robust flavor and slow sweetness that is definitive of Southern Artisan Chocolate.

Bright and nicely acidic with undertones of tobacco and vibrant notes of lemon zest lingering to the finish. 75% cacao.  

Mexican Style Cinnamon Chili Chocolate Bar - Explosive with floral spices, this bar introduces a granular melt and a steady progression from bright organic Ceylon cinnamon to deep, salt-driven chocolate with a subtle smoky warmth. 

Dark Sea Salt Chocolate - Speckled with flaked sea salt, it begins with a clean salinity, lending itself to the occasional satisfying crunch and burst of flavor, awakening the tongue to a citrusy, deep, dark chocolate finish.

Coffee Chocolate  Bar- The fudgy backbone of our 67% Ghana chocolate with hints of red stone fruit and brown butter mixes and matches perfectly when studded with freshly-roasted coffee from Bongo Java Roasting Co. located in Nashville.

Made with single-origin cacao beans from the Dominican Republic.
2.5 oz.