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Sqirl Preserves

Black Mission Fig & Vinca Minor Red Wine -  Juicy, deep fig flavor, dark plum. Our Black Missions are from Murray’s Family Farm and are steeped (aka "plumped") for 24 hours in 2019 red wine from our friends Vinca Minor prior to making their way into the copper jam pot.

Blenheim Apricot -  Orchard-sweet, honey-like, royal.  Once Blenheim’s are off the tree, they start to disintegrate! So we gently gather these beautiful rosy-golden babes from either Mike Cirone at Canyon Ranch or from Andy's Orchards and can as much as well can before they return to the grand Mother Earth!

Blueberry Rhubarb -  Sweet, bright, creamy. We all know everyone loves the combination of strawberry and rhubarb (which is actually a southern-originating combination—something that Jessica saw a lot of in when she lived in Atlanta). But in California when Mendoza Farm showed up at the market with bright, tender stalks of rhubarb just as the ripest most plump blueberries from J.G. Farm are coming in, we thought—why not marry these two seasonal beauties and see what happens? The result: a textured jam full of just the right amount of sweet and acid notes. It’s surprisingly…wonderful.

Kadota Fig & Te Company Oolong -  Perfumy, honey, molasses.  These truly extraordinary figs found a delicious partner in the oolong that our friends at Te Company source from Taiwan. Perfectly encapsulating the feeling of nibbling on a scrumptious sweet fig while drinking oolong from a warm vessel.

Masumoto Golden Sweet Apricot-Noyaux - Rich Apricot, Zing, Almond-Roundness.   Perfectly named, this apricot is gorgeously golden in color with an over the top sweet apricot flavor. Precocious, setting full crops even in the 2nd year. Golden Sweet apricots are a great canning apricot as it carries a balanced tart-sweet finish. We marry this fruit with their Noyaux, hand cracking the Apricot kernels for their 'almonds,' which we first toast and then steep into the preserve as it cooks.

Masumoto Le Grande Nectarine with Raspberry -  Juicy, puckery-berry, silky-stone.  The most summery of nectarines, the Le Grand is enormous and meaty and dense as well as a clingstone, which means its flesh clings to the pit, i.e. it’s harder to can, but too extraordinary in flavor and juicy in texture to not make into a jam. It's a fleeting variety, just around for a week. The raspberry adds a puckering tartness and density that balances out the smooth silk of the nectarine, yielding a jam that–like clingstones–grasps the pith of summer with its bursting flavor.

Raspberry & Vanilla Bean Jam-  Tart, creamy, aromatic.  We get our raspberries from Pudwill Farms, the only farmer we know who harvests large amounts of berries and who’s always at the Santa Monica Farmers Market, rain or shine! Our organic Tahitian vanilla beans come from Heilala, which creates a beautiful aromatic fusion when added to the delicate raspberries.

Strawberry & Rose Geranium Jam -  Aromatic, dulcet, bright.  Seascape strawberries are big and juicy and their plants bear fruit over a long season, which makes them perfect for our most popular jam!

Wild Blackberry & Meyer Lemon Jam -  Tangy, fragrant, rich berry. We love the marriage of these juicy blackberries with the floral and more fragrant Meyer lemon. This jam is easy to love. 
7.75 oz