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MOCO Fragrances Incense Sticks

These aromatic charcoal-based incense sticks come in four of our signature scents.

They create fragrant smoke that fills a room when burned, and are great to use for meditative practice and relaxation.

Desert Bloom - This captivating fragrance captures the essence of the arid landscape, featuring notes of sweet agave, earthy sage, and vibrant poppies.
Heat Wave The rich and spicy aroma of sandalwood is complemented by the zesty sweetness of mandarin, while the heat of chili peppers adds a sultry and smoky edge.
Masquerade Rich and seductive, this scent combines the woody notes of oud smoke with the earthy aroma of resin, while exotic incense adds a touch of smokiness. The result is a heady, alluring fragrance.
Sweetgrass The fragrance of fresh fig entwined with the invigorating notes of ozone and rainwater evoke a sense of purity and nature's freshness. Enjoy the comforting, grounding essence and transport yourself to a peaceful place.

Each box contains 20 sticks.
Sticks are approximately 11" long and burn for about 1 hour.
Depending on room size, scent longevity lasts between 2-4 hours.