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Loose Leaf Tea

Lavender Honey - Field fresh lavender and smooth sweet honey combine with a caramel, earthy black tea base to create a wonderfully floral honey brew. You'll be floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.

Masala Chai - Traditional indian chai spices combine with a bold black base in this robust warming brew. Sweet cinnamon, spicy ginger, and aromatic clove and cardamom combine to lift your mood. Delicious straight but also craveable when crafted latte style. Just chai it, we think you'll like it a-latte.

Snooze - Get ready to conk out with this lightly floral, honeyed-apple brew. Calming florals, chamomile and lavender, combine with antioxidant rich rooibos and honeybush, muscle relaxing banana, and sleep inducing valerian root to help you get your zzz's. Sweet dreams are indeed made of teas.

Apple Strudel  Rich sweet baked apple and nutty hazelnut flavors combine with hints of chocolate and cinnamon in this dessert tea favorite. This sweet pastry brew will have you coming back for seconds, doctor’s orders or not.

Moscow MuleInspired by the much-loved copper mug cocktail, our spiced ginger and lime brew was born to lift your spirits. Zingy citrus peels and leaves will brighten your day, while ginger root and a splash of chili join in to make it a real party. Contains 3.5 oz

Purple HazeBlackcurrant, blueberry, and schisandra berries combine with tart hibiscus to create a complex dark berry brew that engulfs the senses from tangy to sweet. Get ready for this berry sipadelic experience.

Spiced PeachesSweet ripe peach and warming spices blend together to create this southern classic. Ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and allspice meld into an intoxicatingly spiced sweet black brew. You'll be feeling peachy in no time.

Wildflower Aromatic spring botanicals lavender, rose, calendula, and chamomile bloom with white tea to create an intoxicating wildflower honeyed bouquet brew. Pleasantly fragrant and sweet, this nectarous cup is sure to have you feeling free as flowers. Contains 0.75 oz

Contains 1 oz each unless noted otherwise.