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Hip Pop Organic Kombucha Drink

Refreshing, delicious and fermented with gorgeous living cultures.  Comes in a variety of unique flavors like Strawberry & Pineapple, Blueberry & Ginger, Apple & Elderflower and Ginger & Yuzu.  Kombucha is handcrafted, vegan, certified organic, low in sugar, and authetically fermented with a healthy culture of bacteria and yeast.  Full of antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins B and C, and organic acids.  Fortified with Bacillus Coagulens.

Strawberry Pineapple Probiotic - Deliciously tart and sparkling organic kombucha infused with fruity strawberry and tropical pineapple.  

Ginger Yuzu - Deliciously tart and sparkling organic kombucha with fiery ginger and the zingy citrus bite of Japanese yuzu. 

Blueberry Ginger -  Deliciously tart and sparkling organic kombucha flavoured with juicy blueberry and a subtle hint of ginger.   

Apple Elderflower - Deliciously tart and sparkling organic kombucha paired with crisp juicy apple and floral elderflower.

INGREDIENTS: best quality loose leaf green and black tea, organic cane sugar, kombucha culture (which is a mixture of yeast and bacteria), and fruits and herbs for flavoring.

330 mL.  / 11.5 oz. glass bottle
6.3" l x 2.6" w x 2.6" h