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From a brine well more than 280 feet underground comes this clean and crisp flake salt loaded with healthy minerals just waiting to dress up your food. The brine comes from the deep waters flowing below ground from the South of Syracuse, dissolving salt along the way like it has for thousands of years.

1.5 oz glass jar

Lavender -  This floral, stress-relieving fragrant ingredient blends so well with citrus-based dishes, you could say it was a match made in heaven.

Roasted Garlic -  Potent and buttery, this sea salt works as a great alternative to that generic stuff in both cooking and finishing.

Chili Black Lime -  Ripe limes are dried in the sun until they oxidize, turning black and savory, adding a touch of sourness. Add in some Black Urfa Chili flakes and our crisp Flake salt, and you get an earthy, slightly citrus-y kick with a hint of heat.

White Truffle -  Less heavy than its darker counterpart, this finishing salt derived from Italian white Alba truffles can easily become overwhelmed if used during the cooking process. Think of it as helping your Sunday brunch or romantic dinner-in dress to impress.

Rosemary - Salt with a subtle hint of rosemary

Sriracha -  That tangy, spicy red pepper sauce that your friends all seem to add to every dish? Meet its new best friend - Sriracha flavored Sea Salt. Not for the faint of heart, use sparingly or generously depending on the toughness of your taste buds.

Espresso -  Made in collaboration with a local NY coffee roaster, this decadent salt has a rich flavor profile, making it perfect for those deep earthy flavor combos in your life.

Lemon Rose -  The floral and tart flavors blend perfectly to form a pink concoction that looks and tastes great on any sweets, meats, bread or veggies.

Ginger - Spicy, tart, and clean, this sea salt will liven up the flavor profile of any kind of dish - be it sweet or savory.