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Single-Serve Pour Over Coffee

Eager Beaver A light roast blend. Days you’re getting down to business, we’re going up in caffeine. That’s right, this blend packs a punch–that extra oomph & the little pizazz you need to bring it. So roll up your sleeves and cross the first thing off your list: Coffee (damn good coffee at that!). Boom. Hang-Drip-Sip-Done. A lighter roast means a stronger buzz, so buckle up, buttercup. We’re going to work.

Feel-Good A medium roast blend. Every now and then, we drink coffee because we have to. But oftentimes, we drink it because we want to. Why? Heck, because it tastes good! And when we get a taste of something good, our brains do that thing where it makes us feel good too. With tropical notes, this blend takes you straight to that happy place.

Focused AF A dark roast blend grown in intercropped volcanic soil of coffee and fruits, Kintamani beans have a unique flavor like no other (think citrus, lime, with subtle hints of brown sugar). Backed with the strong body of the robusta people love, this blend has the layers and complexity to keep you FOCUSED AF.

1 single serving drip bag.