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Daisy Hanging Planter

This adorably cute hanging daisy planter makes the perfect addition to any room! Floral aesthetics achieved.  Lightweight and easy to hang, these planters feature vegan leather straps and look great against a wall, hanging in the middle of the room, or even in a row of multiple for the ultimate flower vibes.  Planters are 3D printed and made from 100% Recycled materials including recycled waste and corn bio-plastics.  Sourced from eco- and Vegan friendly materials.  These plant based planters come in three unique colors and three sizes.  

2” Planter - The Flower Pedals are 4 inches in length and width, with planting space of 3.25 inches.
4” Planter - Pedals are 7” in length and width, with 5.5 inches of planting space. 
8” Planter - Pedals are 9” in length and width, with 6.25 inches of planting space.
Made from 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials, vegan leather straps