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Beeswax Intention Candles

Tiny Ritual

These beeswax taper candles are intended for use in your intention setting rituals, self care routines, and daily meditation. Each candle contains a tiny clear quartz crystal at the bottom. Every candle is hand rolled with 100% Canadian beeswax, natural dyes and cotton wick. Little imperfections and variances in burning times are part of the homemade and natural beeswax charm.

9” long, approximately 3/4” in diameter

10 hour burn time

100% beeswax, cotton wick and non-toxic dyes

Protection - Used for intention setting around boundaries and protection. Helpful when needing to push away negativity, protect against negative energy, and to create boundaries around a situation.

Sacred Space - Used to set a sacred space for any practice. Useful when wanting to create serenity for meditation, quiet personal time, and invoke a positive, sacred energy into your home.

Strength - Used for intention setting around building inner power, strength, courage and vitality. Helpful when needing to move through obstacles, to stand in your power, and to fearlessly show who you are.

Healing - Used for intention setting around restoring physical, emotional and spiritual health. Useful when needing to reset the body, heal a situation, and invite loving-healing in on all levels.

Love - Use for intention setting around attracting and inviting in love. Helpful when wanting to attract a partner, cultivate love within an existing relationship, invite more love and empathy into the heart, and fill your home with loving energy.

Abundance - Used for creating abundance in prosperity. Helpful when needing to generate income, grow a career, attract a job and build finance.

Home - Intended to bring home wherever you are. This could be for a new home, to invoke light and love into an existing home, to bring home into your heart; a candle to come home to. Light this candle and come home to yourself.