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7" Pedestal Garden Bowls

The Small Pedestal Home and Garden Bowls are a match made in plant parent heaven. The impeccably designed container offers a modern shape that plants love, from philodendrons to fiddle leaf figs. The sleek and sturdy one-of-a-kind planters are hand fashioned from high-quality porcelain, while an inspired palette of eye-popping colors make these matte pots truly sing.  Plus, these pots are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Note: Pedestal Bowls do not have drainage holes and do not include water saucers.  As each item is handmade, please allow for slight variations in size, shape, and color.

Overall Dimensions: 7” x 3”
Interior Depth: 2.5”
Made of food-grade, high quality porcelain with a matte glaze