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Enlightened Roll-On Perfumed Oil

Chakra enlightened roll on perfume oils.  For optimal wear, massage desired amount onto your pulse points (wrist, back of the hand, each side of the neck)

Crown - The crown chakra supports spiritual connection, connection to our higher self and connection to the divine.  Notes of amber and frankincense to live more mindfully.  

Throat - The throat chakra supports our communication and ability to express our highest truth.  Notes of calming Sea Water & Blue Tansy to communicate your truth through speaking, writing or teaching.

Third Eye - The third eye chakra supports our intuition, psychic senses and facilitates receiving wisdom and insight.  Notes of Cosmic Vanilla Incense & Crystal Minerals to see with inner vision. 

Solar Plexus - The solar plexus chakra supports our center of personal power, motivation and self-confidence. Notes of empowering Citrus & Juniper to promote feelings of direction, assertiveness and self-possession.

Sacral - The sacral chakra supports our creative expression, passionate energy, sensuality and intimacy. Notes of sensual Jasmine & Musk to honor relationship with others and promote feelings of wellness and pleasure. 

Heart - The heart chakra supports our sense of love and connection, gratitude and compassion. Notes of rose and bergamot to heal emotions, promote forgiveness and empathy. 

Root - The root chakra supports our center of stability, security and sense of belonging. Notes sandalwood & cedar for grounding and to promote feelings of connectedness. 

Ingredients: Helianthus annuus (sunflower) oil*, fragrance, vitamin e (tocopherol) *Organic
 .27 oz