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Air Dried Salami Stick

Award winning, New York made salamis in snack stick form. Made from heritage breed pork, hand harvested, solar evaporated sea salt, and time, these delicious, super versatile snacks can hold their own on a charcuterie board, in a lunch box, on a camping trip, and as a workout boost. They're gluten-free and keto-friendly.  Air dried, never heat treated or smoked.

Charlito's Cocina's meats are simple and made with the cleanest, best ingredients they can find, with technique that has survived and evolved through generations. All of their products are made by hand, slowly, in small batches. 

Campo Seco Sea Salt and Pork - Earthy and rustic, sophisticated, yet totally accessible, the “Campo Seco” a dry-cured salami made simply with heritage breed pork and hand-raked sea salt. Intended to demonstrate the power of simple, excellent ingredients. Campo Seco is versatile and long lasting, pairing deliciously with a wide variety of cheeses, fruits, and condiments. It is also a graceful complement to pasta, risotto, or scrambled eggs, to name a few. Take me to a party or take me home (I don’t mind if it’s just you and me) Try me with your favorite wine; I’m flexible! For those who appreciate simple things, this charcuterie is there for you.

Chorizo Seco Mild Chorizo - Classic, mild, Spanish style chorizo spiced simply wits sea salt and Pimentón de la Vera. Subtle and earthy, this Chorizo is just powerful enough, without overpowering. Have it with greens, a nice baguette, or, simply, but no less eloquently, on its own. Dry-cured for up to three months. 

Made with pork fed an 100% vegetarian diet 
.8 oz.(23 g.) vacuum sealed packaging