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Bread Therapy: The Mindful Art of Baking Bread

For the bread enthusiast looking for a way to relax and practice a more mindful approach to the world, Bread Therapy is an excellent place to start. As a therapist and an amateur baker, author Pauline Beaumont knows all too well the things that can go wrong while you're making bread. The yeast can fail to proof, you can over knead the dough, you can add too much flour, or too much water, or the bread won't rise, or the bread burns... The list goes on. In this book though, Beaumont offers the reader a way to let go of the outcome of the bread baking and instead engage mindfully in the process. By escaping your mind and feeling the flour in your hands as you knead the bread, the practice of bread baking can help you be more mindful, accepting the things in your own life that are out of your control or that can go wrong.

Bread Therapy is a self-help book that celebrates baking bread; a practice that not only produces delicious loaves, but also improves mental health and wellbeing. As the world feels ever more dangerous and unreliable, there is something soothing and grounding about basic human activities such as baking.

5.5 x 0.73 x 8.5 inches
192 pages