Humboldt House is here to make your home feel good. Humboldt House offers full design services. It can be as simple as rearranging the goods you already have to make the most sense out of your space or starting from scratch, collecting the perfect pieces, and creating the nest you want to come home to. 

Room re-dos start at $100!

Contact Claire for details.

Kara and Rosie's Pad

Kara and Rosie are dear and funny friends. This was a special project because of the unique design of their carriage house, as well as the fact that we started from scratch. Things came together and finally began to embody the "emerald green forest crystal moon house" inspiration they were looking for.

Tiny Humboldt House

Tiny House is indeed a very tiny house with a little under 500 square feet. The look incorporates the eclectic and well traveled lifestyle of the home owner. Space was limited so we had to be very resourceful and make sure every piece played a vital role to the design.