Garden + Forest Infusions


Garden + Forest Infusions


Tatine Candles | Chicago, IL

Bitter Orange + Lavender

notes; orange oil, bitters, mango oil + french lavender.

Black Mission Fig

notes; herbaceous tagetes, green marigold oil, woody davana oil, sweet sunburnt red fruit and mulberry.

Forest Floor

notes; wet dirt mingled with rain soaked ferns, damp wood, stems and green leaves. mossy overtones and heady damp garden soil.

Geranium Bourbon

notes; an herbaceous and heady floral, opening with green rose scented geranium. aromatic notes of rose hip oil, musk, mint and rose absolute. a romantic floral interpretation. in early times, geraniums were planted around the house to keep evil spirits at bay.


notes; a balsamic blend of woody pine needles and amber resin. juniper berry + wild forest raspberry are blended with drops of patchouli essential. dark + dramatic with rich seductive character.

Norwegian Wood

notes; dark green needles + twigs. resinous balsam, pencil shavings, white camphor oil and evergreen. french cypress oil, root stumps, chipped wood and branches, blended with essence of turkish apricot nectar. 

Wild Honeysuckle

notes; wild honeysuckle entwined with brambles and forest vines. nostalgic, old fashioned and magical.


notes; cedar moss, fir balsam, elemi (a fragrant resin obtained from trees), smoky kindling, natural clove, + fir needle oils.

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