Dark, Wild + Deep


Dark, Wild + Deep


Tatine Candles | Chicago, IL

City Of Night

notes; ghostly notes of dark hinoki oil and charred vetiver blended with cypress and fir needle create a deep fragrant resin. black pepper and evocative woody floral accords are finished with velvety leather and oaked whiskey. totally seductive.


notes; a fragrant unisex blend of ethically harvested sandalwood oil, white incense, and dry woody amber oil. gunpowder and saffron tea notes anchor creamy, soft orientalist spices. drops of exquisite magnolia flower, vanillin and musk rest in the base to create a powdery haze. Total aphrodisiac


notes; layers of dried black tea leaves steeped in lemongrass and balsam fir, blended with woodflower oil and drops of effervescent bergamot oil. finished with deep green mossy accords.

Gold Dust

notes; bohemian gold santal and saffron dust layered over soft, opulent powdery notes and hyacinth. tobacco blossom and orris are stirred into a garland of fragrant blooms. finished with incense, musk and drops of dark patchouli. rock on Ancient Queen.

Purple Flowers

notes; black violet, wisteria, juniper essential, and deeply intense tuberose leave a trail of scent in the dark. a masculine hint of sensual oud and amber for a deep, dark, sexy floral.

Strangest Color Blue

notes; fresh flower petals float atop melodious waves of scented dark blue waters. driftwood and water lily slowly sail through a mist of sheer musk to create a soft and dreamy fragrance. 

2 oz. soy wax votive candle in frosted soft grey glass.

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